Eugenio Palma was born in Lecce on 24 February 1988. From a young age, design was his passion that later became his job. After achieving scientific maturity, he worked as a creative and graphic designer in some important advertising agencies of Salento. Eugenio has grown emotional and artistic communication. Influence, obtaining countless artistic merits in artistic competitions and collective art exhibitions of contemporary art. His versatileness in art and communication has pushed Eugenio towards new techniques and styles of work.



A 'work done in several years does not ensure a more profound communication than another developed in a few days.

Honor Design's work is deeply influenced by oriental philosophy in the pursuit of perfection through simplicity.

The procedures to develop graphics are endless, the most difficult test is to choose the best way to communicate the message.

The beauty of an image is linked to the emotional value attributed to it, beyond its manufacture and its cost.



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